Xmas Gifts for all 2017 (promo)

In 2015, Poetical Word went to West Middlesex Hospital to give Christmas gifts to every child that unfortunately found themselves in the Paediatric ward. While their spirits may have been dampened, we were able to raise £500 to spend on giving them gifts and boy was it worth it!

Being in hospital can be extremely taxing on the mind of children. Giving them a surprise and something to smile about is just what we set out to do. Our team was lead by Dr. Karwal and everyone, including our marvellous volunteers enjoyed it.

In 2016, we decided to go one step further by not only giving gifts to the children in hospital, but also holding a poetry and music show for those at residential care home Charlotte House (Care UK), in Isleworth. We raised £700 and were able to deliver Xmas Gifts 4 All 2016 on Christmas Eve with Rachel Hamilton leading the project. 

And so in 2017, we want to complete this charity endeavour by also restoring human dignity to the homeless through working with our partners Humanity First, an international NGO.

We aim to not only visit poorly children in hospital and Charlotte House, but we also hope to distribute hundreds of homeless packs to those who need them. In these packs are essential hygene items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitiser, etc. and also an expansive list of where they can get food from what location on what day of the week; as well as free shower facilities around the local area.


Because we are a community organisation that seeks to uplift others. We must heighten our quality of life through celebrating our common unity; and if we don't, how are we ever going to call ourselves a community?

Help us reach our goal and be part of Xmas Gifts for All 2017!


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