Early Bloom Arts Festival

May 21st 2016 ~ Canary Wharf Rooftop Gardens
Poetical Word was scouted and requested to present our spoken word and poetry at this showcase of creativity.
We performed alongside Jessica Mance, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra London, the Isle of Dogs Community Choir, IMD Legion, Steven Shawcroft, Tania Oritz and the Pollyanna Theatre.
This was our first time taking a creative collective from Hounslow out to London to showcase their talent. Among an increased organisational cohesion, it gave the creatives the opportunity to have a different audience lend them their ears. Feedback from the public and organisers, however negative or positive, serves as an effective and solid building block to an individual’s artistic development. 
Before we left, we were invited to come back again next year to perform at the festival. Some of the outcomes of this activity were: 
1.    Exposure to the public; leading to individual confidence building
2.    Establishing new creative networks for future collaborative projects
3.    Enhanced collective vision
4.    Opportunities to capture unique elements of a spoken word artist for video production.