Poetry Masterclasses in Africa

Serving Mankind in Sierra Leone



Our founder’s day job is working for an international NGO, Humanity First. Within his first month of working for them, he was flown out to Sierra Leone to kick start the country's charity efforts since the Ebola epidemic. This sounded like a perfect opportunity to engage some of our creative volunteers in creating a poetry framework, for Quddous to deliver in Sierra Leone and that’s exactly what we did.

Over the course of a week, we held meetings to discuss ways in which Poetical Word’s Education Board can combine skills and experience to tailor make a programme to turn a group of Salonians into poets and help them overcome trauma, which affects hundreds of thousands of people in Sierra Leone and the African continent.
Poetical Word also contributed to the cost of producing ten educational posters through Humanity First’s Knowledge for Life programme, which were put up in Freetown, Kissy Brook and Magbureh AMJ JSS and SSS.

At the beginning of the poetry masterclass delivery, Quddous asked the class, “who here is a poet?”, naturally, everyone was tentative and nobody said anything. After going through the lesson plans, it was asked again, “who here is a poet?” to which all with raised hands unanimously replied, “I am!” There was a photo taken outside the classroom with the first batch of poetical graduates from Poetical Word, and on we went.

This activity gave the opportunity for residents of Hounslow to come up with a framework of education which has specific learning outcomes, and have it delivered on an international level. Having opportunities to have a positive and lasting impact halfway around the world is attractive for any creative to get on board.