Poets Corner: Pilot 2- The Fun Palace, Hounslow High Street

Poetical Word had a chance to once again pilot Poets Corner, but this time with a larger audience, increased footfall and access to the space we’re looking to hold Poets Corner going forward; namely, Hounslow high street. 

We delivered Poet's Corner at The Fun Palace which was themed around the outdoors while promoting Hounslow residents to explore their gardens more. Members of the public had an opportunity to build a flower box for their home, create and decorate a flowering gnome, get hands on with recycled materials and make their own bird feeder or bug palace for their garden. There was also a tea trolley where people could relax and mix up their own unique tea recipe using garden plants and herbs.
Poetical Word was equipped with the three elements which make up Poet’s Corner. The first being the three word game where we invite members of the public to write any three words they associate with a certain topic; on this occasion the topic was gardening. We asked participants to write something that grows in their garden.
Secondly, we gave out our unique badges for those who would jump on the mic, and lastly a unique performance at the end of the day which culminated the three word game.
We finished the day with encouraging feedback from parents, participating children and members of the Hounslow public.

Statistics: Mic time- 9 adults, 18 children (under 18); people stopping by Poets Corner- 182