Late Bloom Arts Festival

Canary Wharf Rooftop Gardens

After a successful initial showcase, we were invited back for the second instalment of the arts festival. This time alongside the likes of The Voice Energy Project; which is an acappella vocal group accompanied by various artists (tap-dancer, beatboxer…); that regularly perform at the Southbank Centre and all over London. 

We were also graced with the presence of The Ideachor Performance Group who performed “Ezra Was Right;” a performance to contemporary dance music composed by Grand-brothers. Barbara specializes in social interaction, engagement, disability awareness and performance poetry.

We were also performing alongside Medeber Teatro who uses 4 industrial plumbing pipes on stage to create, inhabit and transform an architectural space that evokes ideas of home and boundary. Geometry and chaos are placed aside each other to experience how debris. can become opportunities for new beginnings.

Lastly, we were among the legendary Poetry House; a collective of spoken word artists performing “When Harlem Met Kenya” from London.
From Poetical Word, Quddous, Zee, Tish, Gully and Aisha all graced the stage and actively, and may we add- willingly, took part in the compere shenanigans.

We were able to represent the voice of West London through showcasing Hounslow creativity with topical performances from our collective.  
The festival drew to a close with contact details exchanged and an expanded network of creatives acquired.