DECADENCE: The EP launch and art exhibition

AZON is a Singer/Songwriter and Producer who dreams in fashion but lives in spirit, made his EP debut with Decadence on 21st August at the prestigious Bunker Theatre.

Two members of Poetical Word assisted in performing alongside him as supporting dancers as well as assisting in the publication and distribution of marketing materials for the event.

AZON is no stranger to us at Poetical Word, having first joined the team in 2015, he would later go on to become an integral part of the organisation and grow from his accountancy roots into an artist in his own right.

DECADENCE, the EP, explored the depths of self-indulgence and the battle of the ego. The journey was cleverly intertwined with dance and performance and lead to an interpretive art exhibition which allowed spectators to be immersed in the mind of AZON.

Since he first graced our stage, AZON has been the source of inspiration for much of our work in the community. He aims to explore art through music to create innovative, thought-provoking content, and we look forward to marvel at him as he goes through his creative epic. Feel free to marvel with us- you can listen to his work on SoundCloud ( and his website (

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