Two, two year celebrations?

Our two year anniversary was celebrated twice this year due to the poetic nature of hall bookings!

Towards the beginning of the year, we were planning to move to a venue where the needs of our poetry collective could be suitably catered for. From starting off holding our events at Meze Mangal to Lusso Gelato then moving again to Il Bebo’s and now at the Hounslow Youth Centre, we feel like we’ve been welcomed with open arms.

Not only does Hounslow Youth Centre cater for our poetry events, it’s also home to a number of community organisations that are dependent on it to function. We’re eternally grateful to Lorna and Steve for their continual support.

Our first event was at the Youth Centre, and our second at Hounslow Community Centre and had regular poet, Anton Badham, headline for us.

When we do something that benefits others, over and over again, an accumulated energy is generated which starts to snowball and we begin to feel collectively motivated. We think this motivation is the basis for our development and boosts civic pride in those it’s cultivated among.
As always, the event was an encouraging platform for our participants and spurred the administration to continue working towards our collective aims.

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