Programme outline

This service is aimed at organisations that want a poetry event put on at a venue. We are fully self-sufficient and are able to provide a line up of exceptional spoken word poets as well as musicians and unique themed presentations.


September 2015


Since our inception, we’ve worked with various community groups and organisations such as Autism Hounslow, Gunnersbury Park Museum, The Orchard Cafe and Tudor Rose to put on poetry events.

We’ve supplied music, poets, spoken word artists, special guests as well as unique presentations, all of which can be tailored for you.

In showcasing creativity which is rooted in West London, we hope to spread awareness of our community work as well as inspire generations to divulge in the expressive arts.





We’re able to curate a poetry event that can be themed, have a set number of poets and spoken word artists or musicians as well as special guests to deliver informative talks and even lead discussion forums.



We’re entirely self-sufficient. Over the years we’ve built up our own event equipment and infrastructure that frees us from depending on external to set up and run the event.



We have extensive experience of engaging with audiences and holding space. We can also set up an exhibition area which highlights our work in the community and opportunities for creatives to get involved.


“Poetical Word combines warm and welcoming support for writers, musicians and performers with practical ground-level community work. I've drawn inspiration and energy from the PW team and audiences and value PW invitations - a wonderful example of creative and social enterprise.”
-Nick Eisen, spoken word artist

“Poetical Word is a great thing. It provides a creative environment with like minded artists with creative aspirations, abilities, and gives them a voice, a means of expression in our relentless era of over self-importance. I have been attending regularly for the last 5-6 months or so, finding new talents and newer friends each and every time.
Prior to Poetical Word, my creative output was irregular, dancing from one style or form to another too quickly, never sticking with something long enough to develop my skills consistently. This lack of frequency, which still rears it’s garish presence occasionally, has been and continues to take beatings from my persistence to perform  spontaneous ramblings each month. I am able to gift this inner swirl of individuality to a receptive audience that also believes in what I do.
More social and creatively based events have I been attending, gaining more exposure to underrated and unexplored cultural art forms. This ongoing commitment is a testament to the power of spoken word, of Poetical Words importance to me.
- Manjinder Chijarh, poet and spoken word artist

“PW continues to inspire me. The way it brings people together, the way it nurtures creativity, the way it seeks to help the community, it's all worthy of awe. I deeply value the support provided by PW to each individual, it shows in the way of empowerment which is great to witness and experience. Thank you PW, keep going till you reach the stars!”
- AZON, musician


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