Our community work

We have community interest at heart so our projects are designed to increase local impact and inclusivity.

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Take what you need

This project aims to explore the power of words.

We put our “Take what you need” sheets around coffee shops in the High Street such as Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero. We always come back to find them all gone within a few days!

So far, we have reached over 1,500 people through this small project and witnessed the incredible impact that words can have on people.


Xmas Gifts 4 All

Our annual community initiative aimed at supporting local residents and combating isolation and loneliness.

What started off as a one-off project has snowballed into an annual initiative for those who spend the festive period without families.

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Hounslow Soup Kitchen

Hounslow Soup Kitchen was established in March 2018 as a multi-faceted approach to ending homelessness in Hounslow.