Rhythm and Rhyme

Using the power of sound to rebalance and align


Programme outline

To explore the quantum properties of sound and music and to direct them towards positivity, growth and the rebalancing of the spirit.


September 2015


Music has remarkable effects on us as human beings. While classical music relaxes us, drum and bass makes us want to go for a run! We find this fascinating, so to explore this phenomenon we create a space where sound can be understood on many beneficial levels.

During the early months of our organisation, we piloted Rhythm and Rhyme as a project aimed at promoting social cohesion, exciting creativity and developing meaningful relationships.

Over the years, we have witnessed profound positive development in individuals that have attended these events.





A deeper understanding of human sound, rhythm and tone. Our voice has been used to communicate for millenia and through these events we constantly see an increase in the quality of sound that is experienced all around us.



An increased awareness of the effect of vibrations and sound all around us. In understanding our surroundings, we can direct the flow energies towards our collective progress.



People love to come together. The Rhythm and Rhyme series of events serves as an incredibly powerful tool to bring people together who are primarily concerned with bettering themselves and the world around them. Being around people who have the same energy is uplifting and confidence building.



“As you walk in you're embraced with warm welcomes from the crew of Poetical Word. While they set up they ensure that everyone around them has what they need. Your spot is chosen, and you can have full creative freedom to communicate your vision in their space… an Absolute pleasure to work with and the layout is professional. Everything has been considered for the space to be open and welcoming.”
- Shaf, Henna artist

“Poetical word has changed my life for the better. When I first went to my first ever event after reading about it on Facebook, I instantly knew this place was going to help me grow. Not only was I extremely scared of public speaking but I always felt this void. This lost voice which Poetical Word has helped me find. I have overcome my fear of public speaking and now know how to express my feelings through creative art- through poetry. I am ever so grateful for all the opportunities Poetical Word has given me.”
- Mindy Sidhu, poet

“Poetical Word continuously inspires me in the team’s unwavering focus on building community through creativity. They work hard to make spaces for creative growth financially accessible and welcome all members of the public with open arms.”
- Bella Cox , spoken word artist


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