The Team

Tish Chhaya
Quddous Ahmed

Minnie Rai
Events Executive

Manjinder Chirajh
Event Coordinator

Solomon Adams
Event Coordinator/ DJ

Andrew Bell
Event Coordinator/ Sound

Tristan Bedish
Event Coordinator

Eva Rosa
Social Media Exec


Innovating Since 2015

In 2015 a group of West London poets began to frequent a tea house every month to share their craft of the spoken word. Soon after, the tea house relocated and West London was left with a creative void. With so much support from local artists, we decided to flag-bear the poetry scene in West London ourselves.

Over the course of our journey, alongside our monthly event, we’ve served our community and piloted projects aimed at raising communities towards a better state of mental health and wellbeing.

Our work is centred around creative outcomes that have tangible benefits. We believe in the science of the spoken word and tap into the inner workings of language and communication to achieve our overall aims.

We run a book publishing press, offer professional videography services and deliver bespoke linguistic seminars, workshops and talks.