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Programme outline

Our poetry workshops are tailor made to ensure maximum benefit for participants. We aim to inspire and teach approaches to writing poetry for all abilities.


May 2017


In May 2017 one of our founders had an opportunity to take Poetical Word to Sierra Leone and deliver our first Poetry Masterclass to the children of AMJ Freetown Secondary School.

Since then, we have been working with numerous organisations to deliver The Poetry Masterclass across various settings.

Throughout September 2017, Poetical Word worked with Humanity First and Staywell Charity in Kingston (formerly Care UK) in delivering a series of workshops for older people which culminated in a public poetry showcase.

We have over 100 unique poetry sessions that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. With our unique approach and style, we are confident that our service will be enjoyed by all.

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We can adapt our poetry masterclass to suit any age, ability and setting that may be required. Developing this service has allowed us to truly test the limits of our creativity.



We’ve worked in the most challenging environments where resources have been extremely limited. Delivering The Poetry Masterclass has allowed us to be free from technical requirements and focus on raw poetry and spoken word.



Building confidence, rapport and public speaking skills brings a host of personal and developmental gains. Each of our participants are hugely rewarded from their participation in our Masterclasses.


“Poetical word is an excellent platform for creatives of any background to come together as one; learn, respect, nourish, explore and open opportunities for themselves. It's a place poets give sound to their poems, thinkers give inspiration to thoughts and eventually taking a journey that leads on to inspiring themselves and others; as thinkers and poets are favourites of mine. "
- Masha Amal, aka Lady Poe

“Being involved with Poetical Word has inspired me to do better and has reminded me how fortunate I really am. I was involved with the recent Christmas campaign which involved providing gifts to the elderly at a local care home as well as young children who were in hospital at the time. Being involved in such a great cause was very emotional and rewarding. It felt great being able to put a smile on peoples faces and really put into perspective how lucky I am. There was an occasion where I performed a piece of poetry at the care home, I found this very daunting and was nervous to say the least. I had never done anything like that before, however after some reassurance and encouragement from my peers I managed to do this which built my confidence and felt so rewarding. I can honestly say being involved with Poetical Word has opened my eyes to how rewarding poetry can be. It has given me the confidence to perform and along the way I have met some genuinely positive people.”
- Deepak Dev , Xmas Gifts 4 All volunteer

“Apathy Threads worked with Poetical Word on multiple events. Their creative and youth centred focus has inspired us. They have made some great community changes and we look forward to seeing them more.”
- Dr. Talha Sami, founder, Apathy Threads




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